SIXR, a minority and woman-founded 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with experience in STEAM education, uses culturally responsive techniques to connect with BIPOC, women, as well as LGBTQ communities.  We are diverse innovators that provide early access to technological resources for people of varying cultural, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  SIXR provides emerging technologies education and production while also training learners to demonstrate self-awareness skills and empathy for others.


SIXR is recognized for having a strong desire to articulate and use STEAM activities (coding, gaming, programming languages, audio/visual design technology, etc.) that will pique the interest of youths.  Building upon communities’ strength, SIXR produces robust holistic approaches including cascade mentoring, paid internships, self-care, and career-launch workshops, and other wrap-around resources and support.  By doing so, SIXR narrows the participation gap which potentially secures the community’s future and pulls them out of generational poverty.


With at least a five-year proven track record of proactively providing access to tech education and training for underserved individuals and communities, SIXR fills the niche needed at the exact right time at the white-hot center of emerging technologies.  SIXR engages communities with opportunities to learn about emerging technology, design, and career exploration that’s culturally relevant and in-depth, especially for communities without proximity to opportunity or who risk displacement, co-creating systemic and innovative solutions in the most effective hands-on, collaborative, skill-sharing, co-creative ways.


SIXR programs include 48-Hour Cinematic VR Challenges; emerging tech showcase; mentorship in 4Culture’s Tapestry 360 Spring Break Camp for POC teen girls; paid internship for Future Founders Maker Fellowship and Future Founders VR Fellowship.  To build immersive media education, apprenticeship, and entrepreneurship training, we have partnered to direct programs with School’s Out Washington (SOWA), King County’s 4Culture, Seattle’s Dept of Human Services, and as well as other community-based organizations such as Africatown, Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA), and Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC).  For Washington State OSPI, SIXR collaborates with Urban League Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS).  For Seattle’s Office of Economic Development (OED) Career Connected Learning programs, SIXR collaborates with Seattle Public Schools, MMRTI, and ChickTech Seattle.