Future Founders Maker Fellowship (FFMF) is a product design entrepreneurship program, focusing on skill-building, team-building, and mentoring.  Participants receive support and connections that underscore academic achievement, mentoring, and activities in a culturally relevant environment, and convene at least three sessions per week (2-hour per session).  We start by listening to youths’ aspirations so that at the end of the final sessions, each group or an individual gets to create a unique personal project.  Youths learn to design, develop, and deploy as teams, creating their own future, including sustainable and smart transportations, buildings, and eventually, cities.  As the youths iterate their prototypes, tackle design challenges, and develop their solutions, they are transformed from absolute beginners to adept product design entrepreneurs.


As an example of the design prototype that FFMF participants have created, team LYN has created this cable car prototype called Mai-LYN

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   [FFMF] JDL Aquatic Solutions

[FFMF] Sub-Boat




H Smith Engineer

Heston Smith – Allen Institute for Brain Science

Product Design/Engineering

J Tucker Business

Jenefness Tucker, MBA


j Hanson Makerspace

Jeremy Hanson – Seattle Makers

Rapid Prototyping


N Abunie Marketing

Nebiyu Abunie – MMRTI


Budi Mulyo – SIXR

Project Management/Entrepreneurship




Robert Jones – Program Director

Seattle Public Schools, United League of

Metropolitan Seattle & Garfield High

Assaye Abunie

Program Coordinator & Marketing

Executive Director of MMRTI

Diana Fairbank

Program Coordinator for SIXR

Co-Founder/Executive Director of SIXR


[FFMF] Marketing Team

Katelyn Hoang

Grade 11

Franklin HS

Ruweyda Abdi

Grade 11

Franklin HS


Hermela Gebregiorgis

UW Graduate

School of Pharmacy

Kayla Tounalom

UW Freshman


Eva Hightower

Grade 11

Garfield HS

Natasha Rauf

SIXR Marketing