We Are

SIXR is a minority and woman-founded 501c3 organization with experience in STEAM education; using culturally responsive techniques to connect with BIPOC, women, as well as LGBTQ communities. SIXR provides immersive media education and production while also training learners to demonstrate self-awareness skills and empathy for others.


As an arts & technology nonprofit organization, we specializes in hands-on training and technology event production for immersive media (VR/AR/XR/360-degree movie). Since its formation in 2016, SIXR has been empowering and bridging the participation gap for Women, BIPOC, and LGTBQ youth and young adults. The nonprofit organization has developed a successful career exploration, career preparation, and career launch curriculum model that leads future arts & technology pioneers to fulfilling and sustainable careers that garner livable wages for their families.


Future Founders VR Fellowship (FFVRF) and Cinematic VR Challenge (CVRC) are SIXR’s signature training programs and events. FFVRF is an adaptive talent development for the future of work in an innovative economy. CVRC is a 48-hour event with the aim of experimenting with ways to make immersive story pieces collaboratively. SIXR produced this series of successful and productive collaborations with other organizations, including the Pacific Science Center, Langston Hughes, OSPI, Seattle Public Schools, and Arts Corps. This summer 2022 SIXR will be starting FFVRF: Build the Block at the Wood Tech for 10 to 15 participants, fully funded by William Grose Center for Cultural Innovation & Enterprise / Africatown Community Land Trust (ACLT).


SIXR also has worked with municipal governmental entities such as Seattle OED, HSD, and IT as well as collaborating with for-profit and other nonprofit organizations to achieve our mission. Our proven track record for example has helped us to continue our relationships with innovative industries (a company from such industries recently donated 50 VR headsets and computers), ACLT, ULMS, ChickTech, Multimedia Resources and Training Institute (MMRTI), Seattle Makers, Ethiopian Community in Seattle, and Refugee Women’ Alliance (ReWA). Hence, together we leverage each other’s strengths in developing a pool of competent creative workforce and trainers for future cohorts and reinforced learning to enter careers in arts and technology.